If you are obese or overweight you do not have some cosmetic problem. This is problem which is the root cause of various other health problems. Following are some of the overweight and obesity related health problems reported for adults.


With increase in mass index of the body risk for disease of coronary heart problem also increases which is commonly known as CHD disease. In this condition waxy substance known as plaque is build up within coronary arteries. Coronary arteries supply oxygen enriched blood to the heart.  Accumulation of plaque narrows or blocks coronary arteries and also reduces flow of blood towards heart muscles.

This leads to angina or simply heart attack. Angina is the condition of discomfort of chest pain. Heart failure also results from obesity which is serious condition where blood fails to pump blood for meeting needs of body. BP is the blood`s force when it is pushed against arteries during blood pumping by the heart. Increase in this pressure and its staying higher, damages body in various ways. For obese and overweight persons, there are greater chances of high BP.


Being obese leads to accumulation of plaque, which if ruptured, causes formation of blood clots. For clots that are closer to brain, they can block blood flow & provision of oxygen to brain that ultimately leads to a stroke. An increase in BMI is directly linked to increased stroke risk. In case of type-2 diabetes level of glucose within body becomes higher. Generally, food is broken down to glucose which is carried throughout body parts via blood. Insulin is the hormone used by cells for turning glucose into the energy.

In case of type-2 diabetes, cells do not make proper use of insulin. Firstly, body reacts by excessive insulin production and then over time, body fails to produce enough insulin for controlling levels of sugar within blood.  Early death is one of the results of type-2 diabetes along with other problems like stroke, CHD, blindness, kidney disease etc. majority of people with type-2 diabetes are obese.


For obese and overweight persons, chances of having abnormal fats in blood are far higher. These are higher triglyceride levels and LDL cholesterol as well as lower HDL levels. When levels of these fats become abnormal, these lead to higher risks for the CHD.


This syndrome is basically a combination of various risk factors that increase risks for the heart diseases along with various other health problems like stroke and diabetes. Any one of these risks becomes possible individually and also their risk arises together. Metabolic syndrome occurs in case of having following risk-factors;

  • Large waistline called as having apple shape which is due to extra accumulation of fats in waist area. This increases risk of CHD.

  • Higher levels of triglycerides

  • Lower HDL cholesterol

  • Higher BP than normal levels

  • Higher blood sugar than normal

All of the above mentioned are the disorders that results from obesity which means that combating obesity ultimately reduces chances for these disorders.