Obesity is another name for excessive accumulated fats within body. Whether a person is obese or not can be determined from measurement of the BMI of a person. Normally desirable BMI is from 18.5-25. For those having BMI of 30 or above, they are considered to be obese. Obesity is mostly linked with choices for poor lifestyles like using processed foods that contain higher amounts of fats, overeating, lack of sleeping, lacking physical activity, oversized eatable portions, excessive drinking and many more similar habits. Hormonal problems and genetic factors are also a reason for increasing risks of obesity development. Obesity is a concern not just because of excessive weight but also due to the fact that it can lead to multiple serious health conditions, for example high BP, type-2 diabetes, heart diseases and many others. Thus adopting a healthy lifestyle is important for combating this problem. Apart from this, some of the easiest and effective natural home remedies can also help you to aid in your efforts for weight loss. These are as following, have a look;


This is among best home remedies to fight obesity. Lemon juice helps to improve digestion & also helps body in detoxification. In order to ensure weight loss you need to ensure healthy digestion which is one of the most important per-requisites to enjoy weight loss. Detoxification is the process that helps body in getting nutrients needed for burning fats. Moreover, it also helps in removal of toxins from body to avoid slowing down of metabolism. Follow the following method to enjoy a refreshing lemon drink;

  • Mix 3 tsp of the lemon juice with 1 tsp of honey plus ½ tsp of black-pepper powder in 1 glass water. In case you have freshly grounded black pepper, add just ¼ tsp.

  • Drink this mixture every day during morning hours while your stomach is empty

  • This is to be taken on daily basis for about 3 months

As a replacement to above mentioned things you can mix 1 tsp of the lemon juice in 1 cup warm water and drink it as mentioned above.


Unfiltered, raw apple-cider vinegar is another home remedy for reducing excessive weight. Although actual benefits of weight loss are not known yet, still it is found to be helpful in protecting against obesity. It assists in fats breakdown and thus prevents accumulation of fats within body.

Take 2 tsp of unfiltered, raw apple vinegar in one glass water. Drink this mixture on daily basis during morning hours, preferably before eating food items

One glass of water should be drunk with 1 tsp unfiltered, raw cider vinegar & lemon juice

Amount of cider vinegar can be increased to 2 tbsp. per day. This is the maximum limit as excessive amount reduces levels of potassium within blood over time & also lowers density of bone minerals.

Among other options you have Aloe Vera for treatment of obesity as it stimulates metabolic rate, enhances consumption of energy and also mobilizes unused fats within body that ultimately reduces weight.