How to lose weight fast and easy

How to lose weight fast is a question running in your mind because you are over weighted. And want to lose that excessive amount of weight fast. So, I have to tell you that there are a lot of ways that can be the answer of How to lose weight fast. Some methods of losing weight will keep you crave, unsatisfied and hungry. You must have a strong willpower to control that open appetite caused by new weight loss plans.

I will present you a different idea, which includes:

  • Handle your hunger significantly.

  • Lose your weight fast, without being hungry,

  • Boost your metabolism at the same time.

Lose weight fast with little changes:

Try to change your food choices and daily activity to lose more weight in a week. Shift from high-calorie food to low calorie food and avoid unhealthy fats present in the wrong food. Skip soda and other soft drinks and sip fresh juices. Avoid the use of dressings and sauces with the meals.

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Pick up a pen to lose weight fast:

Mindlessly munching on a full bag of fast food result in a distraction of a schedule. Pick up a pen and note down all things you’ve eaten. In this way you can control your portions to lose weight fast. You will more likely to check plain old reality and awareness of what you are putting in your mouth. Studies have shown that people who used a food journal lost twice as much fats as those who didn’t. Handling your routine is best for your weight lose journey.

After breakfast, stick to water to lose weight fast:

how to lose weight fast and easy

At breakfast you can have juices but after that stick to the water instead of soda or juice. The average American takes almost 250 calories daily from soft drinks, which makes an extra 90,000 calories (25 pounds) a year. Despite calories, these sugary drinks don’t satisfy your hunger cravings because liquid calories cannot give a sense of fullness the way solid food does.

Eat in front of mirrors to lose weight fast:

Want to know How to lose weight fast? Try to eat everything in front of mirrors. It will enable you to focus on your weight loss journey by seeing that excessive fat on your body continuously. It will also remind you are on a diet and you are trying to lose weight.

Put your spoon down after every bite:

Put your spoon down between meals and sip water frequently. It has been shown that your brain gets signals of fullness after 20 minutes of eating. So, share your stories with your dining partner and wait for the signals of mind, which tells you that you don’t need more food longer. 

Throw out your “fat” clothes to lose weight:


It is the best idea to stay focused on your goals. Hang new custom wear in your dressing room and check it continuously. Throw out your fat clothes that doesn’t fit you now. Your new wardrobe can be your strongest incentive to stay smart.

Close the kitchen for some hours:

close the kitchen

Wash all dishes after dinner and turn all the lights off and tape closed the refrigerator. Eat major meals at the “am” and avoid overeating at the “pm”. By eating at the “am” you will boost your basal metabolic rate and decrease the number of calories you eat throughout the day. Cut late night eating from your routine and eat in the morning or noon.

Ban white rice, bread, and pasta to lose weight fast:


Ban white grain products such as spaghetti, rice, bread, sandwich rolls to slim down because of unhealthy carbs present in these foods can cause bloating. Carbs can be digested quickly by opening your appetite and you will overeat later. So, try vegetables and fruits salad in an order to lose weight fast. The carbs taken out of vegetables are digested in a reasonable time, so you remain fuller. Also, Fruits and vegetables are rich in water, they can help you to flush out all the extra water weight.

Do cardio 5 days a week to lose weight:


Cardio gets your heart rate up and up and burns calories. It engages a lot of muscles simultaneously. You can try kickboxing, spinning, and boot camp workouts for half an hour to burn 200 to 300 calories while toning up your muscles of legs, arms, and core. If your training incorporates interval training you can burn even more calories. Trainers can guarantee it.

Skip Fad Diets and Crash Diets:


Fad and crash diets can sound good if you have to lose a lot of weight fast. You get impressed if you hear about any star who did it and look incredibly smart. But, please don’t try those fast methods that promote laxatives, detoxification pills, portions, or fasting and any other that promise faster weight loss than 3-4 pounds per week.

Have a 300-calorie breakfast:


Don’t skip breakfast. Eat about 300-calories of a protein and whole grains. Having a healthy breakfast will help you to eat less throughout the day. Try a sandwich with apple butter or peanut butter to keep your hunger down. By trying it you can lose about 65 pounds a year, a study shows.

Run your butt off to lose weight:

butt of to lose weight

Try running 30 minutes a day during your lunch hour, if you want to fit into your skinny jeans again. In the course of three months, you can lose 30 pounds in this way, while having tons of good energy. And, those jeans will be too big then!

Save room for your healthy dessert:

love desserts

Satisfy your sweet craving by eating healthy snacks such as hummus or carrots. Sniff on an apple or banana if you want to eat something sweet and tasty and don’t go for processed sugar.


Don’t do crash or fad diets to lose weight fast. Keep yourself moving and don’t be lazy to do workouts for your wellness and good health. Drink plenty of water to feel full. Focus on your goals and achieve them with your dedication and intelligence.